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Facilitating new learning

How to help others to learn? We call it “facilitating learning”. We don’t mean “How to teach people”. We do not tell them, we ask them. How to get people engaged and responsible for their own learning process? We inform you about a different approach to facilitation of learning. You can’t learn it by just doing this course, you need to practice. We will talk about several ways of learning: learning by researching, collaboration, playing, imagineering, developing, networking or by philisophizing needs a different kind of support. Collaboration and networking is important while learning.

Course information

  • By the end of the course you should be able to have a clear vision on the new role of the teacher
  • You are able to design an online course or a blended course
  • You are able to facilitate¬† online learning activities.

Our Learning manifesto


Course Curriculum

Teaching or facilitating?
Teaching or facilitating learning Details 00:00:00
Learning with humans or with packages? Details 00:00:00
Learning design and facilitating Community of Inquiry/Practice Details 00:00:00
Learning design: connection before content Details 00:00:00
Facilitate digital learning Details 00:00:00
Why do we have to facilitate learning
Facilitating learning for constant change Details 00:00:00
The start of learning design Details 00:00:00
Blended coaches Details 00:00:00
How can we facilitate learning?
Digital infrastructure for learning Details 00:00:00
Facilitating groups Details 00:00:00
Facilitating peer to peer learning Details 00:00:00
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