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During this course you learn how to edit video with the iMovie app on your iPhone.

iMovie, editing with your iPhone

This course is made for employees of Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs. As a BZ-employe you have compelling and relevant stories to tell. But this course is also for others with similar work. Online video is popular and we notice that colleagues want to communicate via vlog or short video: a creative and visual way to tell a story with impact. 

In this course you learn…

  1. …how to make video on your iPhone and
  2. …how to edit video on your iPhone with the app iMovie

This course contains several flexible ways for learning:

  1. Introduction webinar “iMovie, editing with your iPhone” 
  2. Online course “iMovie, editing with your iPhone
  3. Consultancy hour “iMovie, editing with your iPhone”, where you can ask questions, discuss your video or your personal progression

The webinar will be presented in English by video expert Han de Poorte and Floris Winters from COM. The webinar is an interactive platform where you will also get the opportunity to ask your questions in the chat box.

If you want to attend the webinar, please prepare yourself:

  1. Shoot an interview of at least thirty seconds and a maximum of three minutes shoot at least five videoclips, fitting the content.
  2. Look for details, close-ups, action, etcetera make a video shoot that clearly shows where you are.
  3. Before the start of the webinar, install iMovie on your iPhone or iPad.
  4. Check your footage (videos). During the webinar you wil need this footage to practice in the iMovie-app on your own device.

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Course Curriculum

Section 1
Starting a project Details FREE 00:15:00
Selecting, moving and deleting Details FREE 00:10:00
Trimming and splitting Details FREE 00:10:00
Section 2
Cutting an interview Details 00:15:00
Adding clips Details 00:10:00
Adding videolayer Details 00:10:00
Section 3
Adjusting audio Details 00:10:00
Disconnecting audio and dissolve Details 00:10:00
Asynchronous audio Details 00:10:00
Section 4
Add musicshort Details 00:10:00
Title tool Details 00:10:00
Fade to black Details 00:10:00
Section 5
DIYSublite Details 00:20:00
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