For example, if you can conduct webinars or design online training courses, you are of value at work. You save time, money and you can reach more and other participants more easily than you normally do. You can be of significance to the organization in which you work because through your experience you can come up with applications that help your organization move forward. A whole world opens up for you if you master these basic techniques. It takes time to develop a vision.
Do you want to work more & better with your team?
You may want to boost your collaboration. Maybe you want to set up a virtual team, online customer pannels, online training? You can go to DYHMe Academy. You may also want to increase the problem-solving capacity of a team through a course "Clear thinking". That too is a "21st century skill".
For whom?
DYHMe Academy is for people who want to keep up and move forward. For people who want to use the available technology in a personal way. DYHme Academy is a webshop for 21st century skills. DYHMe Academy is a webshop where you can buy chunks of knowledge.Not all knowledge, but knowledge you need in your work. Now or in the future. DYHMe Academy focuses on courses and training where you learn the "21st century skills". These are skills that have been identified by the European Union as skills that you need now in the workplace and will become even more important in the near future, as our society continues to change from an industrial society to a knowledge and information society. We are increasingly supported by computers and the internet. To be able to interpret all this information and to use it as smartly as possible, new skills are needed, which we call '21st century skills'. Our knowledge society also demands different attitudes from people and organizations, different ways of thinking and working together, collecting information and making information available. These are also '21st century skills'. If you master these skills, the chances of keeping or getting a job are higher. And who wouldn't want that!
21st century skills include:
  1. Collaborate
  2. Problem solving ability
  3. ICT literacy
  4. Creativity
  5. critical thinking
  6. Dealing with information
  7. Communication
  8. Social and cultural skills
  • Online Budget courses
  • Webinars
  • Online Do-It-Yourself courses
  • Live & Online training
  • Headsets & handy gimmicks
  • Online Group Courses
  • Private courses
  • Foreign courses to learn quickly and compactly
Even if you have ordered a Budget course or a DIY course (Do It Yourself course), you can always book a live coaching session if you need it. You arrange it yourself. And if you cannot find a solution, you can chat with us via the website. You can participate in a webinar to ask questions about a course, you can email, call, Skype us. But the easiest way is to have a chat. You can start at the bottom right of every webpage of our site. [/ Vc_toggle] [vc_toggle title = "Contact" style = "default" color = "Default" size = "md" open = "false"] We do a lot online, but personally Contact is very important to us! You can reach us via the chat at the bottom of every webpage: If we are not online you can send us an email. Then click on: