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ABC learning design (Arena Blended Connected Curriculum Design) is een manier om op een eenvoudige manier een leertraject te ontwerpen. Het is krachtig omdat het eenvoudig en visueel is. Met een groep docenten kan je een blended en flipped leertraject in een paar uur in elkaar zetten. Daarna heb je voldoende om over na te denken, bij te schaven en te verbeteren. Er zijn nog heel veel andere wegen die naar Rome gaan.

Hieronder vind je alles wat je nodig hebt voor een workshop:

Arena Blended Connected Curriculum Design – Workshop resources and participants’ feedback


  • A 90 minute hands-on workshop to help module teams design engaging learning activities.
  • Teams work together to create a visual ‘storyboard’ showing the type and sequence learning activities required to meet the module’s learning outcomes and how these will be assessed.
  • ABC is particularly useful for new programms or those changing to an online or more blended format.

The feedback from participants:

  • “This process was really useful. It helps us think about the modules in their entirety. It is really good how everything maps out in a clear framework like this.“
  •  “We haven’t had such level of detailed discussion as a team. I think the structure and the materials are facilitated well. “
    “It is a good way of focusing on creating the balance within a course.“
  • “It makes you think about: OK , we are going to use this technique, but where, how, for what and how does it fit with everything else? And this is the way into that, I think.“
  • “It helped us formulate in our own mind the course structure. Yes, very useful.“
  • “Made me more conscious of a formative assessment, which really did not occur to me before. “
  • “This has been extremely useful. Not only that we start to think about individual modules and how we can use electronic resources, but it makes us think about the degree together, rather than as separate modules. “
  • “It reminds you of all different formats that you can use, rather than sticking to the same old same old.“
  • “I think it was good to take a step back from the content and look at the varied type of activity. “

ABC learning design materials

ABC design leaflet http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/digital-education/files/2015/09/ABC_leaflet.pdf

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